An air purifier is a household appliance that removes various mechanical, organic and chemical impurities from the air with a multi-stage filtration system: house dust, hair and lint, soot, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses, etc. The quality of cleaning will depend on the equipment and the quality of the filters themselves. Compared to the air washers, air purifiers are much more effective, performing not only a deeper cleaning, but also on the whole healthier air in the house. However, they are not able to humidify the air. From our rating, you will learn which air purifier to choose for your apartment and get acquainted with the best air purifiers by several criteria.

When choosing an air purifier, you should first pay attention to the filters installed in it. Our rating includes models with different filtering elements. What they have in common is HEPA filters - they are the most effective in coping with the finest dust and are best suited for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Just don't forget that such filters need to be replaced with new ones as they become clogged.

Photocatalytic and electrostatic filters are an additional barrier to contamination. They do a good job of cleaning up cinders, tobacco and unpleasant odors. They also kill bacteria and viruses.


Diamond Cargo Trailer Still In Demand

Although we're looking at appliances, I can't help but note that there are many areas that are also interesting, and sometimes unusual. For example, many people want to buy a diamond cargo trailer for business or personal needs. I myself have read the reviews of users and I wanted to buy one for myself ))


The main characteristics of consumer behavior

  1. Rationality. The client chooses goods according to his tastes, interests, needs and financial capabilities. That is why manufacturers strive to expand the range as much as possible, to provide an opportunity to choose and compare products of the same category. This is called a manifestation of rationality.
  2. Independence of choice. That's when a person makes the decision to buy on their own.
  3. Multiplicity. The number of offers is in direct correlation with the actions of the buyer and vice versa. Considering that today the market of goods and services is overflowing with various products that can satisfy the interests of almost anyone, consumer behavior and the factors determining it are becoming more and more diverse every day.


Pressure washer for your auto: pros & cons

High pressure washer is a special device with a powerful motor, designed for cleaning different surfaces under high water pressure. The range of equipment is large. All models have different technical characteristics, cost and attached set of accessories. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a high pressure washer

Household high pressure washers are popular, but the large range of equipment causes some difficulties in its selection.

Advantages of pressure washers:

  • A wide range of possibilities of powerful washing equipment.
  • A wide variety of models with different technical characteristics and price policy.
  • Significant saving of the family budget on trips to the car wash.
  • Allows you to qualitatively clean the area around the house and so on.

Disadvantages of car washes:

  • High cost of equipment.
  • Equipment needs constant maintenance for replacement of brushes, hose, etc.
  • Considerable dimensions and considerable weight.
  • Must be stored in a heated room during severe frosts, otherwise the body can be damaged due to temperature fluctuations.


Why are reviews useful?

There is no doubt that when we buy a product, we are counting on the fact that it was profitable in terms of price and quality. That is why there are a huge number of reviewers' users in the world, as other people's experience and comments of experts help a lot to make the right choice, not to make a mistake, not to be disappointed. Buying should bring joy.


Headset: Good or Bad?

Sensitivity: preferably at least 100dB; Impedance: 16 to 32 Ohms. Headphones with higher resistance will work, but the good sound, you can not get from them, Power: for in-ear headphones is enough power 30-40 mW, overhead for 300 mW and above.

What do I need to know when choosing headset?

When buying headset for gaming you should consider:

amplitude-frequency characteristics of sound quality (AFC); price range; wire parameter and wearing comfort; volume, or sensitivity.


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