Best Bathroom Heaters 2023

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Along with a central heating system, the best bathroom space heater can be a supplementally useful device in your house. There are tons of benefits that bathroom heater offers. It can be portable or easy to install and fixed in one place.  Moreover, you will pay a low electrical bill by using a bathroom heater.

The next parts will give you the best bathroom heater reviews on the market updated lately. Also, we’ve listed some buying tips and guides before you purchase which heater you really need. Check top-rate garage heater reviews here.

Lasko Bathroom Heater (Ceramic CD08200)Lasko Bathroom Heater (Ceramic CD08200)6 x 6 x 7.7 inches1500 watts Ceramic
Stiebel Eltron Bathroom Wall-mounted Heater (CK 15E)Stiebel Eltron Bathroom Wall-mounted Heater (CK 15E)4.8 x 13.2 x 18.11500 watts Synthetic , Steel
Broan Bathroom Heater (174 Wall Heater)Broan Bathroom Heater (174 Wall Heater)14.9 x 11.2 x 6.2750/1500 watts Steel
Holmes Bathroom Heater FanHolmes Bathroom Heater Fan10.3 x 12.8 x 8.21500 watts Metal reflector for Radiant Metal sheet for Console
NuTone 9093WH Deluxe HeatNuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat18 x 18 x 121500 watts Metal, Plastic
AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Oscillating Ceramic SpaceAmazonBasics 1500 Watt Oscillating Ceramic Space7.5 x 5.9 x 9.41500 watts Ceramic


There are 4 types of heaters in general. I will show you what they are and which brand of heater is the best model for the bathroom in each model.


If you need a heater to warm your bathroom in the cold winter whereas you don’t want to install a central heating system to run around the year, portable bathroom heater is a smart choice.

This type of heater is not only used for your bathroom but also moved to other small spaces in your house. Additionally, it is easy to store the unit if you don’t use it in the summer. To turn on, you plug the heater into an electrical socket. However, this type makes some annoying noise.


As you know, bathrooms are really humid. Moreover, the humidity is increased by steam when you are taking a shower. However, the steam may cause damage to the bathroom’s infrastructure, especially ceiling, walls, and other bathroom machines.

To minimize those damages, you should install a 2-in-1 combo setting of an exhaust fan and a heater. This model will draw out the humid air surrounding the bathroom while also heating the space by the warm air.


As it called, this type is just a heater designed to fix to the wall. You should check information of those brand models before buying it to ensure safety during use. This type of heater works effectively in a small room like a bathroom.


This type is used as a permanent heating device. Almost nothing can obstruct it so that you don’t need to find out where to place or install it. Of course, you will fix it into the ceiling that keeps the heater far from any water sources. Thus, the bathroom ceiling heater is much safer than other types of heaters.


There are many different models of bathroom heaters from different brands. So, I will give you top 4 best bathroom heater brands in the market.


Lasko Bathroom Heater (Ceramic CD08200)

According to some current online surveys, this Lasko CD08200 is the best heater that you are looking for your home, especially your bathroom. It does an excellent job as a portable heater that is used in every place.

With the full assembly, you won’t get into any trouble when using as you are trying to operate this Lasko model. Additionally, it is easy to use it with 2 steady modes including the high and the low heat. What’s more, there is a button named the Simple Heat 1-hour that manages your heating alternatives.

The model construction is durable because of the built-in ceramic element that prevents the product from overheating. For example, it’s still fresh after one hour of use. The design is beautiful and space-saving so that you can use for decoration.

Last but not least, the highest power level of this Lasko is 1500W, it satisfies your needs that can heat up to 225 square feet. It is also the portable economic heater that saves energy and cut down the monthly heating expense that you have to pay.


  • Simple to use with 2 modes
  • Strong material (ceramic) that make it durable and reliable
  • Able to heat up to 225 square feet
  • Space-saving, energy-saving
  • Good design


  • Be aware of the case in the front during using
  • No thermostat featured

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Stiebel Eltron Bathroom Wall-mounted Heater (CK 15E)

This Stiebel model is an ideal choice for you to install in an easy way to the wall. With the surface-mount design, you can fix this heater without drilling the wall. Being made from steel and synthetics, it can operate quietly and smoothly for a long time.

The price range of this bathroom wall heater is more costly than other models. However, it still gets along with the excellent performance and the longevity of the product.

Moreover, being built with high technology, this heater saves more energy that will cut the amount of money you have to pay for electrical bills. Mainly, it offers some heating-temperature settings.

In case you need to maintain your bathroom at a freezing level, switch to the lowest setting that is the most economical mode.


  • Surface design for mounting to the wall
  • High-quality materials
  • Silent operation
  • A thermostat-mounted to the side
  • Safety and reliability
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Many styles with added options


  • May need support from the electrician to install
  • Gap design on top seems not adequate

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Broan Bathroom Heater (174 Wall Heater)

If you want only to install a beautiful wall bathroom heater but not to spend too much money, this Broan bathroom heater will satisfy you. It is highly qualified but reasonable priced. Furthermore, it is absolutely energy efficient that saves your overhead expenses.

Also featured with a thermostat in the front, you can change settings of temperatures to your bathroom. The speed of heating is very quickly.

To maintain this model, you can take all the heater assembly out of the case whenever you want. And because the motor is greased forever so that you can easily take care of your heater without spending money on costly services.


  • Energy saving
  • Varial heat modes
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Quick heating for taking the chill off
  • Easy to maintain
  • High-quality


  • Sometimes, the thermostat shuts off too soon
  • Poor design
  • Mostly warm air flow, not too hot

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Holmes Bathroom Heater Fan

This bathroom heater is available even when you want to mount it or use it as a portable heater.

This Holmes model features exciting digital controllers in a programmable thermostat, clock, and timer built in the front of that model. So, you will enjoy a good time in a warm bathroom with easy-to-use heater.

Additionally, this model provides a preheat timer. It will warm up the bathroom before you use it. Thus, you will feel warm when using the bathroom without waiting for a while.

However, there is only one heating mode of the product that is at the highest power output (1500W) in the average heater line. In case you want to adjust the temperature in the bathroom, the thermostat is the only way you can do.

Anyway, this model is worth buying. The warranty duration is one year since the date you purchased the product. In that time, if there are any faults from the manufacturer,  feel free to demand them to replace or repair your unit.


  • LCD Digital features at the thermostat, clock, timer
  • Programmable thermostat
  • A preheater for using more convenient depending on your schedule
  • Can be fixed to the wall or used as a portable heater
  • 1-year warranty


  • Only one heating mode
  • Not too much durable for use in a long time

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NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventlite Heater with Ventilator and Incandescent Ceiling Light, 70 CFM 1500-Watt, White

This ceiling model warms your bathroom instantly. What’s more, you can opt the temperature you want due to the function combination of a fan and heater. The electronically centrifugal balancing blower.

Then, the Nutone heater will distribute the even air flow to keep the expected temperature unchanged.

The power level of this unit is up to 1500W that accomplishes amazingly in 100-square feet area of space.

Additionally, 70-CFM ventilation gets the job done well. This Nutone 9093WH features 2 different lights that is one of the best things about this unit. They are the 100W-incandescent light and the 7W-night light with a slight glow.

So, they make the ideal light that is not too bright or dim when you come to the bathroom, especially at the night time. Moreover, the nightlight never stops its work that you don’t need to care about shutting it on/off.

However, the weak point of that product is the noise. In accordance with the actual experiences, this new version of the product operates louder than the previous ones.


  • Allow you to select the temperature before heating
  • Even air flow that remains unchanged for a while
  • Optimize the performance of the bathroom thanks to the combination of ventilating and heating
  • Wall switch with 4 modes to control the settings as expected
  • The 24/7 lights are so convenient
  • Affordable price
  • Small and easy to install to the ceiling


  • Quite noisy
  • Different from the old version so many users will be confused if they want to replace any part of the product

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AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This is absolutely a reliably high-quality model that you will want to buy it. Built from the strong black plastic with a rugged mesh grill, this model can stand out wherever you put it on.

Even when it drops on the floor, you don’t need to worry that it will chip or break.

This ceramic heater provides a full of customizable operation will user-friendly manual controls. What’re more details?

  • The indicator light informs that the plug-in is done.
  • There are 3 blower settings from the first control dial: A standard high blower for the quick heating; a low mode for temperature maintenance; and a fan setting for the ambient air circulation.
  • The second dial takes charge of controlling the air temperature. You can easily turn the thermostat clockwise or counterclockwise under the incremental steps, from high to low.

One of the most highlights is the smart sense of thermostat. The heater keeps the unchanged temperature in accordance with your settings.

However, unless this setting is higher than the actual temperature of the bathroom, it will never shut on.

This feature is so exciting and useful that you can save the energy or say in other words, you can ensure your electric bill will not exceed your buck.


  • Full operations allow you to customize various of settings
  • Reliable high quality
  • User-friendly manual control
  • Durable construction with ceramic elements
  • Smart adjustable thermostat that remains the temperature unchanged
  • Energy-savings that protects the model against overheat or overuse


  • Allow you to select the temperature before heating
  • May get trouble with item replacement

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There are thousands of models of heater that are in many different price ranges. You should check your wallet before purchasing the best heater that you are affordable.

  • The lowest price range includes the wall heater and the portable heater. They are so kind to your budget. Both of them are adequate to small bathrooms
  • The average price – Infrared bathroom heater or ceiling mounted fans: they are quite costly but more effective in meeting your needs of warmth in your bathroom.
  • The highest price – Radiant floor heating: if you want to run this type, you have to spend a lot of money not only on purchasing and installing it but also operating and maintaining it. Nevertheless, this heater satisfies you because it can warm your feet and dry your bathroom floor.
  • Flexible price ranges – Exhaust fan and ceiling heater combo: this model is at all price ranges. Depending on your buck, you will easily to find a heater that you need.


Along with a fixed budget that you have to pay when purchasing a heater, you should think about the amount of money to pay for the electrical heating bill every month. However, that expense also depends on how you use the heater. Check it out in each type of heater as below:

  • A radiant floor heating needs around 2 hours to warm the floor up to a specific temperature before heating the whole bathroom. Unless you need your bathroom to be always warm, this type of heater is precisely expensive. Anyway, this type can still keep your bathroom clean, bright and unspoiled.
  • Both ceiling and wall-mounting heaters can quickly warm up the bathroom by warming up the air and blowing it to the surrounding. However, as soon as you turn off those model, your bathroom will cool back again. So, these types are costly.

Tips: If you use your new heater as a supplemental one in your bathroom, you should turn off the other heaters around your home.


As aforementioned, there are various ways of using and installing a heater in the bathroom. You should evaluate whether or not the heater you are going to buy is adequate to your bathroom conditions.

  • Wall Heater: This kind isn’t expensive either purchasing price or installing cost. Ensure your bathroom has enough space without any obstacle (door or furniture) for mounting the heater.

Due to its capacity, this model is suitable for a small bathroom.

  • Exhaust Fan Heater Combo: The most important things you need to check are conditions of the ceiling and ventilation. To install this combo, you need a duct for the moisture to go out of the bathroom
  • Ceiling Heater: If your bathroom is so small that there is nowhere to mount or place a heater like a wall or portable heater, ceiling type is a smart choice for you.

Ensure to prepare electric cable for installment.

  • Radiant Floor Heater: this type is an ideal option if you want your heater to be invisible in the bathroom.
  • Portable Heater: If you don’t need any permanent heater, this type is the most convenience. You should find a safe place for it to stand. Remember to keep it far away from water sources.

Whether or not this model is waterproof, this feature is still weak.


The right heater must be adequate for your requirements and actual conditions of the bathroom. Small bathrooms need less power than larger ones. You can consider some following steps:

  • Check the heating capacity of the heater
  • Measure the square feet of your bathroom to estimate how many outputted power required for the effective heating performance.

If your bathroom ceilings are high, you should carefully consider a powerful heater.


The are many factors that make you decide to buy a new heater such as the price, design, famous brand, convenient features. Hope those ideas as above will give you some useful ways.

Moreover, you will find a ton of reviews from customers around the world. Additionally, you can see some questions of people who are going to buy a new heater in the FAQ part as below.



Depending on the size and design of your bathroom, there are many smart ways to mount the heater.

  • For a wall heater, you should fix it on you will usually need to mount it over the top of the wall that you are going to locate. So you don’t need to drill the bathroom wall.

In case you want the heater to be invisible from the wall, you should find the heater designed to recess among studs of the wall.

  • For ceiling heater as well as extractor heater/ceiling fan combo, it doesn’t protrude downwards that nearly hides in the ceiling.
  • For a portable heater, you commonly won’t mount it to anywhere. You should bring it to your bathroom when you need, then remove or store it for the next time to use.

Many manufacturers instruct the installment methods contained in the full box of product. Or you can search online. For more convenient, you can follow these mountings methods.


The fact that the bathroom is on the top dangerous places in your house. There are so many reasons that you must be extremely careful when using your bathroom.

For example, the slippery floor, the leak of water, the false electrical wire, the reach of children. That’s why we will give you some safety cautions when you are using your bathroom.

Then, you can understand why the safety of the bathroom heater is essential.

  • Only buy the heater that is specially built for bathroom use that works well in a damp environment without any dangers.

Remember to check the product’s information in terms of safety before purchasing.

  • Most bathroom heater features waterproof. However, to prevent any unexpected incident, you should keep the heater far away from the wet place or water sources, even the leaking pipes.
  • If your budget is affordable, ceiling heater or wall heater mounted on top of the wall are the best options. Of course, you should not install it near or above the stream sources like the shower.

However, you can be sure that it’s hard for those models to cause injury to bathroom users.

  • For being safer, a small fire extinguisher should be available in your home that can easily tackle some electrical fires. Some people will think it is not necessary, but, in fact, a fire extinguisher is not overly expensive for you to buy.

Furthermore, it can protect your home against some case that seems ever happened.

  • To facilitate your heater to work effectively, remember never obstruct it even when you want to dry towels in front of it for a while.


Let’s see how people think about a heater in general and a bathroom heater in particular. You will find more information about the heater you are going to buy.

1. Is it safe if I use a hair dryer as a heater and vice versa?

Answer: both purposes are unsafe at all. Refer to safety using tips as mentioned for more information.

2. Which wastes more energy: air conditioner or heater?

Answer: Air conditioner and heater are personal devices that use energy to make people feel comfortable. Thus, those applied energies are not considered to be “wasted.”

However, you can look at the efficiency that the air conditioner and heater can cool and heat in the specific condition of climate where you are.

In the cold months, obviously, you don’t need to use air conditioners for cooling, and in the warm times, heaters may rarely be necessary. Anyway, the important thing you should do is to calculate the expense of running your heater(s) every month.

3. Is a halogen heater suitable for the bathroom?

Answer: In general, you shouldn’t use any electrical equipment that needs plugging into a socket in the bathroom, unless they especially feature for that with waterproof feature.

If not, it may pose a threat that the worst is fatal because of electric shock.

In case you have no bathroom heater, but you need your bathroom to be warm, you should warm it with your current (space) heater, then remove it to do your bathroom stuff.

4. Which one is more costly: a gas-burning or electrical wall-mounted heater?

Answer: Overall, a natural gas-burning wall heater is ⅓ cheaper than an electrical one calculated on the running cost.

However, the Natural Gas heater is not typical for bathroom use in comparison with the Electrical.  Recently, the price of Nat Gas has decreased steadily.

Moreover, if your house is not available to plumb for gas, it can make a considerable difference to your heating bill.

5. Is it a safety hazard to run a heater in the bathroom?

Answer: Many homeowners use an electric or gas heater in their bathrooms. It is safe if they comply with the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

If you want to use a gas-burning heater, you should shut the door so that the heater can effectively take the amount of the oxygen around the bathroom. What’s more, a vented gas heater is a smart choice instead of a non-vented heater for bathroom use.

In term of the electric heater, if there is no permanent heating in your home and you have to choose a plug-in space heater for your bathroom, you must follow safety tips.

For example, turn off when it is fallen, locate it in the dry place where is far from the puddled water or bathtub. Finally, three feet away from children or pet.


Thank you for reading until this line!

Hope you will have more ideas to choose a heater for your bathroom after reading those review parts. It’s not difficult to buy the right heater that meets your needs.

It doesn’t also depend on the number of rooms that you have and the number of obstacles in your way. You will always find out the best model for yourself.

If you are finding the best bathroom heater, you should check and decide carefully with our buying guides. Remember that every person will require different things about a heater to buy.

The smartest thing you will do is to consider the possibilities and features of the product, also refer reviews from existing customers.

Finally, you need to consider your budget. Even when you use the entire budget to purchase a new bathroom heater, you will be sure that it is the best one for you.

Also, remember that a good product will get along with an extended warranty.

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