6 Best Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews of 2019

Best Ceiling Fans ReviewsCeiling fans are quite popular cooling devices, designed to hang on the ceiling in some areas including bedroom, living room, kitchen, outdoor (read outdoor ceiling fans 2019), etc. to cool a wide space. Besides cooling features, ceiling fans are also an interior decoration to increase the aesthetics of the room.So, which ceiling fans are popular now? Follow this article to find the best ceiling fans as well as the ceiling fans reviews 2019.

6 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews of 2019

Westinghouse 7812700 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, White with White Steel BladesHunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New BronzeWestinghouse 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Frosted GlassHunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling FanMonte Carlo 5DI52PND, Discus, 52Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52
Westinghouse 7812700 Industrial 56-InchHunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5 Blade SingleWestinghouse 7801665 Comet 52-InchHunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-InchMonte Carlo 5DI52PND, Discus, 52" Ceiling FanMinka-Aire F844-DK LightWave 52"
Size : 56-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 52-Inch
Color : WhiteColor: Cherry / Stained OakColor: BlackColor: Brushed Nickel / Brazilian CherryColor: BlackColor: Koa Brown
Material Type: SteelMaterial Type: Metal Material Type: PlywoodMaterial Type: Metal, GlassMaterial Type: Wood Material Type: Wood
Number of Blades : 3Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 3
Air Flow Capacity : 5973 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 5110 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 3588.69 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 5049 CFMAir Flow Capacity : N/AAir Flow Capacity : 6580 CFM

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1. Westinghouse 7812700 Industrial 56-Inch – Best For Living Room

Westinghouse 7812700 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, White with White Steel Blades

Do you find classic ceiling fans? Westinghouse 7812700 Industrial 56-inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, White with White Steel Blades is an ideal choice for you.


  • 56-inch three-blades are made from white steel
  • Cold-rolled steel motor
  • Single-type capacitor
  • Clean white finish

This ceiling fan has a simple but luxurious design. If you are going to use it in summer, it is a good option for you.

With 24.44 inches per blade in length, you can enjoy a lot of breeze in your room. It is best for 400-square-feet living rooms.

High-powered cold-rolled steel motor combined with single-type capacitor create a powerful and quiet device. Because of this, the environment in your room is so comfortable.


  • Use for general purpose
  • Easy to install
  • 15-year motor warranty and 2-year other parts warranty
  • Affordable price and good design
  • Powerful device but lightweight


  • Push the air down and do not have a reversible version
  • Can not attach a light kit to this ceiling fan
  • It is not easy to make your living room cool if your room is an
  • No remote switch

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2. Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5 Blade Single – Best For Kitchen room

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New BronzeDo you plan to purchase a vintage-style ceiling fan? Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New Bronze is a great suggestion. Want to know more about this product? Follow me!


  • Metal ceiling fans
  • New bronze finish
  • 5 reversible blades
  • 2 feet long by a foot wide

This 52-inch ceiling fan follows a vintage-style trend. Covered with cherry or stained oak blade, dust is limited on the blades. It makes your kitchen room look luxurious.

Powerful as this ceiling fan is, the motor does not make noise.

There are two modes for this product to produce air including summer and winter mode. While summer mode will make your bedroom cool in summer by rotating in counterclockwise, your bedroom will become warm up in winter.

To be a decorative item, this product is combined with 60-watt bulbs and a Toffee glass. You can use LED lights to save energy.

But first a warning: Turning the ceiling fan off if there is no need of using it.


  • Lifetime warranty for motor and 1-year warranty for other parts except for glass globes and light bulbs.
  • The glass is open. It is simple to remove, clean and reinstall the glass.
  • Have a reversible mode
  • Powerful airflow
  • Dust resistance blades
  • Easy to install and adjust the speed


  • Do not have a remote control
  • Limited lighting capability

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3. Westinghouse 7801665 Comet 52-Inch – Best For Bedroom

Westinghouse 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Frosted GlassAre you wondering which ceiling fan is good for your bedroom? Let’s try Westinghouse 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Frosted Glass.


  • 52 inches in size
  • 5 reversible blades with 40W torpedo candelabra base bulbs
  • Made from plywood

With 23.38 inches in length, the black blades not only provide a nice breeze in your room, but it also forms an outstanding design.

Combined with this, it also attaches to bulbs offering welcoming light. This is a reason why this ceiling fan is good for your bedroom.

I advise you to install LEDs instead of base bulbs because it will give you more bright lights. And remember your switch has to be compatible with the lights.

This ceiling fan has the ability to save energy. Why? This fan has reversible-mode blades. It means it can make your bedroom cool in the summer. In contrast, in the winter, your ceiling fan directs clockwisely and creates warm air.

The motor is powerful. But wait, the operation is so quiet, which is a great advantage ceiling fans bring. This is the reason why the manufacturer designs it for bedrooms, making your sleep better.


  • Have a modern look
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and 2-year warranty for all other parts
  • Replace the light kit with below-40W-LED bulbs
  • Not hard to access to bulbs.


  • Do not have a remote control
  • Candelabra base light does not produce more lights.

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4. Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch – Best For Dining Room

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling FanAre you going to make a purchase five-blade ceiling fan for your dining room?

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Brazilian Cherry/Harvest Mahogany Blades and Swirled Marble Glass Light Kit, Brushed Nickel is a good suggestion for your dining room.

Want to know secrets related to this product? Read below information.


  • 52-inch ceiling fan is made from metal and glass
  • Use Hunter’s patented Dust Armor nanotechnology for five blades
  • Have a reversible motor
  • Have three speeds including high, medium, and low.
  • Attach three 60W candelabra incandescent bulbs.

This ceiling fan is a good product because of a nice looking, a low price, an easy installation, and great performance.

The reversible motor can make your ceiling fan alter the direction in each season including summer and winter.

The manufacturer uses a new Hunter’s patented Dust Armor nanotechnology for dust resistance.

Now that’s a problem.

The light bulbs are not long-lasting. You have to replace two or three bulbs during a month.


  • Lifetime warranty for all parts in ceiling fans
  • Easy to install
  • The brushed nickel or Brazilian cherry is suitable for woody items
  • Quite during running


  • Not include a remote control
  • Non-long-lasting light bulbs

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5. Monte Carlo 5DI52PND, Discus, 52″ Ceiling Fan, Polished Nickel

Monte Carlo 5DI52PND, Discus, 52

It has up to five blades which are wood painted silver, but it still looks great. Thanks to these blades, the fan is suitable with spacious rooms, for instance, living rooms or halls.

Besides polished nickel, there are many other color choices to blend with any décor in your house. It includes brushed steel, white, roman bronze, and matte black.

The unit comes with a three-speed reversible motor. Some elderly feedback that it is uncomplicated to control the fan thank to the simple modes. Also, it is very convenient because you can use it in both summer and winter.

A bulb is packed in this fan. However, like other products, its light is not enough to brighten a room, but it is efficient in the dark space.

Most users have reported that it is very quiet. This means that you can keep it on throughout the night without sleep disruption.

You can bring remote and wall-mount controls separately.


  • Downlight
  • 52 inches in length
  • Candelabra Bulb Base
  • Energy consumption: 75 watts
  • Premium power 153 X 18 mm torque-induction motor
  • 12-degree blade pitch


  • Quiet operation
  • Reasonable
  • A nice looking
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flush mount option
  • Easy to install


  • A dim light

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6. Minka-Aire F844-DK LightWave 52″ Ceiling Fan – Best For Bedroom

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52This product includes three blades which are 52 inches in length to make a lot of air movement. The ceiling fan works better on low and medium level. But wait, it will make noise when running continuously at least one day.

The unit has a powerful motor. It can move 6,580 cubic feet per minute of air. So, cooling large spaces is not a problem with it.

There is a manual switch on the fan motor to reverse the movement of the blades. The reverse-mode helps the fan circulate warm air around the room. This allows you to enjoy a warmer home in winter and cooler space in summer.

The fan doesn’t include a down rod for mounting. The aesthetic appearance, therefore, is greater.

The lighting system is very great because of its brightness. The manufacturer uses LED instead of normal bulbs owing to energy efficiency. The light settings allow you to dim it to lessen energy consumption.

The remote control has fantastic performance. It is very simple and intuitive. You should not let it be exposed to water.

Energy saving is also an outstanding point of this fan. At the highest speed, Electricity Use is only 66 Watts without lights. It is certified Energy Star. This means that this device is more energy efficient than 60 percent of other products on the current market.

This is the bottom line:

It is offered a lifetime warranty. In a result, you can save a lot of money for maintenance and repair costs. Minka-Aire F844-DK LightWave 52″ Ceiling Fan, Distressed Koa with Remote Control is an economical choice.


  • Koa Brown Ceiling fan together with Distressed Koa finish
  • Attach to a LED light
  • Material: Wood
  • Three 48-inch blades


  • Includes a remote control placed in the wall
  • Clear instruction related to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A reverse mode


  • Loud buzzing noise
  • Unchangeable bulb
  • Easy scratching material

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How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fans

Choosing a perfect ceiling fan will make you pleasant in your home. But wait, it is hard to judge a good ceiling fan. This is the reason why you should consider the below important factors related to ceiling fans to get some useful experience.


You should determine the function of the ceiling fan before making a decision. If you only use it for cooling, you should choose conventional fan products.

In case, you want to use for cooling and decoration, you should take ceiling fans with lights as well as a wood propeller.

Some modern ceiling fans are well-equipped with attractive features such as power saving, sleep timer, and automatic sensors.


Choosing the size of ceiling fan depends on the room size and specific characteristics of each room such as bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms.

For rooms with an area of 10 to 15 square meters, the most suitable propeller diameter is in the range of 1.07 – 1.22 meters.

For rooms with an area of over 15 square meters, the blade diameter should be selected from 1.32 – 1.52 meters.

After considering the room size, you should take notice on the height from the ceiling to the floor. The most reasonable height for installing is about 2.4 meters to 2.7 meters from the floor.

However, you should balance the distance to ensure the aesthetic of the room. If it is less than 2.4 meters, you can shorten the fan shaft and if the height is over 2.7 meters, let’s extend the shaft.


The ceiling fan motor will be responsible for operating the fan helping them to move for creating air convection and generating wind in the room.

A ceiling fan with a cheap motor can be burned after only a few months of use. It can also make a significant noise for fans when running.

You should choose a ceiling fan manufactured with new technology such as anti-vibration dome for ceiling fans to work smoothly and non-shaking when operating to give you an absolute quiet space.

Designs and materials

Currently, ceiling fans are various in designs and materials ranging from classic ceiling fans to modern ceiling fans which are decorated with lights and wood or mica blade.

The current trend is to select ceiling fans together with additional lights to help you save costs. It means your home is still aesthetic without buying expensive decorative lights.

Couples with this, to increase the harmony and luxury of the room, we highly recommend that you should find a model with colors, designs, and materials suitable to your house’s architecture as well as other furniture items.

Number of Blades

There is various kind of ceiling fans. Based on the number of blades, it is divided into a 3-blade ceiling fan, a 4-blade ceiling fan, a 5-blade ceiling fan.

If you need to select a fan with strong wind speed, you can choose a 3-blade ceiling fan. Because a 3-blade ceiling fan is lighter than a 4-blade ceiling fan and a 5-blade ceiling fan.

The 3-blade unit creates faster fresh air. It is suitable for those who are living in very hot areas.

Conversely, if you are in a cool and temperate climate, the 4-or-5-blade ceiling fan is a perfect solution to disperse cool air within a larger space in a longer time.

When combined with other cooling devices, 4-blade or 5-blade ceiling fans will support to create a light breeze, cool air dispersion.


Please make sure the warranty conditions of the ceiling fan you have purchased. It prevents unexpected problems after purchasing.

But wait, there’s more. Reputable brands are preferable to avoid buying fake and poor quality products.


Because the ceiling fan is quite large and installed in a high position, safety needs to be ensured. This is also a very important point while considering to buy ceiling fans for customers.

You should choose a fan with a firm base to prevent accidents while using.

Pros and Cons of Ceiling Fans

Advantages you should take it into consideration

Cooling Your Room

In summer, when turning on ceiling fans, the air in your room is recirculated forming a light breeze. I think it will make you pleasant and have a good night’s sleep.

Warm Up Your Room

Besides cooling mode in summer, ceiling fans also have room heating mode in winter by taking advantage of the reverse method of blades. It means the cool airs is upward while the warm air is downward leading to warm up your room.

Decorative items

Ceiling fans are also decorative items in your house. You often use them in decorating luxurious rooms and bedrooms leading to demonstrate your sophistication.

Save your budget

You need to use a ceiling fan instead of four fans in your rooms. It means your electricity bill is lower.

But wait, there’s more. The wire is not messy and entangled, making your rooms eye-catching.

Save energy

As we know, the lack of natural resource for electricity production is currently unsolvable problems. With the higher demand for cooling house, people tend to buy air conditioners. This makes these problems more serious.

Nevertheless, the ceiling fan is a good solution now. Its energy consumption is many times as low as that of the air conditioner. You can, therefore, save energy and natural resources.

Protect the environment

While the air conditioner needs refrigerant or gas to cool the air, the ceiling fan does not. Such gas pollutes our environment, which has detrimental effects on our health.

To protect our living, let’s use the ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner.

Be safe for children and pets

Ceiling fans are installed in a location which is out of reach for children or pets. You are no longer worry that your babies will be hurt by the running fan or stumbled the power cord.

The ceiling fans create a steady and light airflow at the top so that the air will not be blown directly to your babies causing cough or cold.

Disadvantages you should take it into consideration

Hard to move

Due to the fixed installation on the ceiling, it is only suitable for users who have little need to change positions. If you regularly move, you should not choose ceiling fans.

Hard to clean

Because the ceiling fan is installed on the ceiling, it is difficult and complicated for you to clean the devices. You often have to stand on a chair or ladder to clean. Maybe, this causes damages on your body if you are careless, even just in a moment.

Cleaning the ceiling fan will take more time and effort than other ones.

Time To Shop Ceiling Fans

The above gives you useful information related to top 6 best ceiling fans you should buy, 6 things to consider when buying a ceiling fan, and some benefits and drawbacks of ceiling fans. Read thoroughly and have the right decision!

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