Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans For Small & Large Models in 2022

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Feeling uncomfortable to read books in the patios during the summer? Getting annoyed by the heat in your garden? I am going to solve your problems with a simple tip. It is an outdoor ceiling fan.

It is an incredible item that can eliminate the hot and humid weather. Therefore, you should invest in this item, with no doubt. And well, you will get surprised at how relaxing and wonderful time you will experience it.

But how can you choose the best outdoor ceiling fans for your own house? Nothing is hard, just immediately read this article and find out the answer.

Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne 54Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling FanHunter 53119 Sea Wind 48-inch ETL Damp ListedHunter 53125 Bridgeport 52-Inch ETL Damp Listed Ceiling FanHoneywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling FanAllen + Roth 20-in Valdosta Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne 54″ Weathered Zinc Ceiling FanHoneywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling FanHunter 53119 Sea Wind 48-inch ETL Damp ListedHunter 53125 Bridgeport 52-Inch ETL Damp Listed Ceiling FanHoneywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling FanAllen + Roth 20-in Valdosta Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Size : 54-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 48-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 52-InchSize : 20-Inch
Wattage: 14 wattsWattage: 56.4 wattsWattage: N/A wattsWattage: N/A wattsWattage: 55.5 wattsWattage: 85 watts
Material Type: Metal, Glass, PlasticMaterial Type: Metal / Wood ProductMaterial Type: MetalMaterial Type: MetalMaterial Type: Metal / Wood ProductMaterial Type: steel
Number of Blades : 6Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 5Number of Blades : 3
Air Flow Capacity : 6239 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 5070 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 4072 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 5671 CFMAir Flow Capacity : 5022 CFMAir Flow Capacity : N/A

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Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne 54

First and foremost, Hunter 59135 deserves to earn a spot when it comes to the best outdoor ceiling fan. It has a simple but stylish look, so it is suitable for all kinds of locations. You, therefore, can put this item on either the porch or the foyer depending on your preference.

I have tried this damp-rated model and totally feel satisfied. Why don’t you give it a try and enjoy your summer time?

In particular, it is designed with a total of five brownish reversible blades. It has a very vintage look that no one can resist this attraction. Having this wonderful ceiling fan inside your house will make it more fancy and stunning.

On top of that, the reversible motor for the blades is much better than you think. It means that you can change their direction when the winter comes. They should be in the downdraft and updraft mode for the summer and winter time respectively.

Thanks to the WhisperWind technology, this item allows you to enjoy the strong and cool air. It, thus, will help you avoid the irritating heat on these summer days.

Despite the great power, this item offers a quiet running. That said, you will not hear any loud noise coming from this ceiling fan. This will be a huge point since many models out there are causing much noise when working. With this incredible fan, you can enjoy your peaceful time with the relaxing weather.

This item features a useful pull chain, which enables you to turn it on and off easily. It, furthermore, is equipped with a light bulb with a high-quality glass case. This kind of construction will assist with releasing more cool air and make your fan brighter outside. All of these wonderful features explain why I put Hunter 50135 in this list.


  • WhisperWind provides strong air movement but quiet running
  • Useful reversible blades
  • Offer three ways of mounting
  • Adjust the speed and simple on-off with the pull chains
  • Convenient light kit
  • Lifetime warranty for the motor


  • The blades are easy to get scratched

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Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Going to the next one, I am enthusiastic to show you the amazing features of Honeywell Belmar. This damp-rated item consists of the large blades, which allows circulating more air for your space. You, therefore, can feel free to enjoy your free time on the patio without worrying about the heat.

Again, it takes advantage of the reversal motor. Thus, you can use this outdoor ceiling fan on the hot or cold days. During the winter, you can reverse the direction of the blades so that they will rotate the warm air to keep you warmer.

If you are not satisfied with the pre-set temperature, do not stay still. You, instead, can adjust the blade speeds as you wish.

This model, furthermore, will provide you a peaceful time as it operates in a quiet mode. As a result, you can read books or study outside with no interruption from the noise. You may only feel like the wind is blowing around you.

If you prefer using the remote to control the fan, this is exactly your ideal option. It is connected with the easy-to-use remote for all kinds of tasks. The only minus point is that this remote is not included in the package. The user, instead, has to buy it as an extra item.

However, if you do not want to spend more money, you can still use the pull chains to do all of the adjustments. Based on my experience, it is better for you to have this remote when you have already installed numerous Honeywell fans in your house.


  • Large blades to give you more air circulation
  • Easy to adjust the speed with the pull chains or the remote control
  • Powerful reversible motor without any noise
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Appropriate for medium and large rooms


  • The remote is excluded in the whole package

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Hunter 53119 Sea Wind 48-inch ETL Damp Listed, White Ceiling Fan

The final spot in this list belongs to Hunter 53119. This is a proper choice for anyone requiring a high-quality ceiling fan but not extremely expensive. It will give you a powerful performance without breaking your budget.

The blades, in particular, are made of plastic with the white coating. Thus, it will shine your space and deliver a pleasing look on those summer days.

Especially, these blades are reversible, which allows you to navigate the directions to suit your demand. Similar to the other Hunter models, this item features the signature WhisperWind motor. Hence, this damp-rated model can enjoy the powerful air rotation in a very quiet way.

There are some options for custom blades if you want to design your own fan. But they are sold separately from this pre-designed one. And well, if you want to personalize your outdoor ceiling fan, you need to spend more money.

The setup steps for this product is not a difficult duty. However, be reminded that you should install this model in those spaces with the low ceiling. It will be better and more properly in this way.


  • Reversible blades for winter and summer
  • Powerful performance but whispering running
  • Elegant and bright design
  • Offer some customized options for the blades


  • The custom blades are sold separately from the ceiling fan

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Hunter 53125 Bridgeport 52-Inch ETL Damp Listed Ceiling Fan

Another model in the same brand is Hunter 53125. You will definitely go through the different experience with this model since its features are going to make you impressed.

Compared with the vintage look of the previous item, you should choose this one if you prefer the elegant but classy appearance.

The white plastic blades combined with the metal elements are considered as the top choice for many houses nowadays. The reason is that it looks very clean and bright. This damp-rated model, as a result, suits the outdoor space that is not exposed to the snow or the rain.

For those people who do not know how to install the ceiling fan, this model is perfect for you. It is extremely simple and easy to mount in three different ways. It enables you to set up this fan in either high or low settings.

You, besides, can use the pull chain to control the activity of this product. In particular, you can adjust the speed and click on the reverse mode if you want. This reverse feature is very great since the warmer air needs to be during the winter.

Sometimes, you may forget the existence of this fan because it works very quietly without any disturbance. All you can feel is a slight movement but really powerful cool air from the top.


  • Classy design with white blades and metal details
  • Easy to mount for everyone
  • Navigate the movement with the pull chains
  • Reverse option to release warmer air for winter months
  • Quiet running


  • Easy to get dirty with the white cover

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Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

The next one is a perfect item for anyone who is seeking the small outdoor ceiling fans. I am going to introduce an incredible product from Honeywell Duvall. It is so cute to install in the small space, which will send you some cool breeze.

When first looking at this fan, you may relate its blades to the pedals. Well, this is one of the unique details of this product. The blades, moreover, are made from the wicker, which excels at bringing you the cool and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition, you may find this ceiling fan a brilliant option since the installation will no longer give you a burden.

Thanks to the Quick-2-Hang feature, it only takes you around some minutes to complete the setup. After that, your fan will be ready to run smoothly. I remember that I only spent a few minutes attaching the blades to the motor at first. And then, get some screws and everything finished.

What I like most about this item are the lightweight blades. Its size is about 20 inches, which is suitable for the medium to large space.

This product offers you four-speed levels. You, as a consequence, can adjust the speed based on the current temperature. I highly suggest that you should choose the fourth speed in case the weather is hot. It is going to cool down the heat for you and make you more comfortable.

In the cold days, this model still has fantastic performance. The reversible blades are excellent at circulating the cool air to the top. That said, the warmer air is going to fly down.

In terms of the movement control, you will be interested in how the pull chains work. It is easy to access and satisfies those people who are familiar with the remote control. Especially, it goes beyond your expectation when mentioning the noise-free factor. You cannot hear any noise except feeling the cool breeze moving around you.


  • A wet-rated ceiling fan
  • Excellent wicker blades with the durable bronze finish
  • Quick-2-Hang system offers easy installation
  • Perfect for both summer and winter thanks to the reversible blades
  • Suitable for either medium or large spaces
  • Provides you with the lifetime warranty


  • Should attach an additional light kit for better performance

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Allen + Roth 20-in Valdosta Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for the small outdoor ceiling fan, Allen + Roth should be on your mind right now. Although being quite small, it works very efficiently and amazingly. You can have enough amount of cool air, which eventually brings you a satisfactory feeling.

This ceiling fan is quite different from the other models in the current market. It is designed with the dark palette covering the blades. This type of design makes it look classy and elegant. On top of that, the blades are on the 24-degree movement that will blow the cool air straight to you.

For those people who are a big fan of bronze color, you should buy this item instantly. It delivers a perfect match for your garden or the natural locations.

The coating of the frame is exclusively made for every kind of weather. As a consequence, it is very durable regardless of the direct sunlight or the heavy rains.

I really fall in love with the rust-free casing. It means that this ceiling fan can maintain its beauty for a long time with very little care.

Remember that you need to buy the mounting bracelet separately. However, do not worry since it is quite affordable for most people. And considering all of these wonderful features, this product, with no doubt, is worth your money.


  • Small and cute model with a classy design
  • 24-degree blades are powerful and convenient
  • Dark palette with a rust-free feature
  • Durable Casing
  • Simple installation


  • The mounting bracelet is not included in the ceiling fan

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An outdoor ceiling fan is similar to a standard model that you install inside your house. The only difference is that it is specially made for the outside installation. As a result, it has some essential features to withstand weather conditions. And of course, these outdoor items are usually damp or wet-rated.

You should choose the damp-rated fans for those locations that do not directly rain on them. Otherwise, getting wet-rated fans is better once your spaces are exposed by either the snow or the rain. Even if you expose the water in this kind of fan, it will not suffer any damage.



When buying an outdoor ceiling fan, you should think of the waterproof feature. There are two options for you including the wet and damp-rated. I have already explained the difference between these two in the beginning.

As a consequence, you should decide how much humidity that your fan is going to withstand. By doing this, you can make the right decision between these two.


The size determines how far the cool air can reach. Considering your space, you should choose the suitable size of the ceiling fan. If your space is around 144 to 225 square feet, you should choose one with 44-inch blades. In case your space is bigger, you definitely should go with those blades more than 50 inches.

For the best air circulation, be noticed to install your fan 12 inches over the ceiling. Moreover, it should be 84 inches over the floor.


The material is another important factor to remember. It will decide the resistance of your fan. Plastic is one of the most popular materials nowadays, which is quite budget-friendly. Wood is perfect for those preferring the classy look. If you focus on resilience, just go with either stainless steel or aluminum.


Before making the purchase, thinking about the style is very critical. Otherwise, it does not match the environment of your outdoor space. If you put a classy ceiling fan in a modern porch, it is absolutely weird and out of place. Hence, be careful with this factor!


Talking about the speed, many outdoor ceiling fans out there are made with multiple speed settings. This is a huge plus point since you may be living in some areas that have the temperature fluctuation. Thus, if you can adjust the temperature as you want, it will be perfect.


In terms of the motor type, I recommend that you should choose the reverse option over the standard one. The reason is that you can use your ceiling fan in both summer and winter thanks to this type of motor.

In particular, the standard motor can circulate the cool air in one direction. However, the reversible blades can change the direction of the air and rotate the warm air downwards. This is certainly an incredible feature in the winter months.


This is not a very important point, but some people are happier with the remote control than the pull chains. It is more convenient since you may find it a little difficult to reach the chains. And also, you may be lazy to visit the fan whenever you want to release the cool air.


Installing an outdoor ceiling fan is relatively easy, but many people do now know how to do it correctly. And right now, I am going to show you some simple steps. Just follow it!

    • Step 1: Locate the center point of your space.
    • Step 2: Tread the electrical wires and place them in the electric box. Make sure to seal the box carefully to avoid the moisture.
    • Step 3: Mount the brackets. Then, check the bolts and the lock washer to prevent the fan from being loose.
    • Step 4: Connect the black and blue wires, then run the fan.


Having an outdoor ceiling fan in your house is extremely useful and convenient. I have installed some of them around my house. And the result is very satisfactory, which maximizes my expectation. Firstly, it cools down the hot air during the summer time. By doing so, you will feel more relaxing to enjoy your entire day with your beloved family.

Also, some ceiling fans are made with the reverse option of the blades. Therefore, you can keep warm in the winter time instead of using central heating. It will be cost-saving and more efficient to enhance air quality.

Secondly, most of the outdoor ceiling fans have a stylish design coming in numerous colors and shapes. As a consequence, you can use them to personalize the look of your outer space. It will be either classier or more modern depending on your preference.

Last but not least, you may not know that the air circulation from the ceiling fan can keep the insects away. As a result, you can allow your children to play around you without any worries.


In summary, I really wish that all of the information in this article will give you more knowledge about this topic. You are currently able to find out the best outdoor ceiling fan for yourself. It depends on what you are looking for and what you are prioritizing.

However, I personally love the Hunter 59135 model. It looks very special with the wooden-like color, so it makes your space more and more outstanding. Moreover, I am quite impressed by the reversible blades as well as the signature WhisperWind motor. Especially, the extra light bulb is very interesting and luxurious for a ceiling fan.

That is my personal idea. How about your choice? If you still cannot make a decision now, I am very willing to assist you when there are any further queries. Let me know your thoughts and good luck with your purchase.

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