Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews For Sale

Best Serger Sewing MachineYou have just entered the sewing world and don’t know where and what to start. Just grab yours the best serger sewing machine.  These models will certainly take your finished products to the whole new level that go over your expectation.

Easy use and fast speed, that’s what makes a serger sewing machine your ultimate choice. It’s time to read through the specific reviews of the top serger sewing machine on today’s market.

You will stand up on your feet to free your creativity with these entry-level machines. Let’s find out the secrets of these machines.

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Best Serger Sewing Machines Comparisons

This list is created based on our amazing in-depth research of top 6 best serger sewing machines for beginners in 2018. You can be overwhelmed with tons of different brands and a wide range of price and features.

That’s why it is not easy to choose your ultimate product. Here is our chart for the easy comparison among different models. Take advantages of it and choose your most perfect choice.

ImageNameFull WarrantyLimited WarrantyRating
SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing MachineBrother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger1254.5
Janome DC5100 Computerized Sewing Machine PackageSinger ProFinish 14CG7541254.5
Janome 30 Stitch Computerized Magnolia 7330 Sewing MachineBrother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger1254.0
Janome Memory Craft 6500P / MC6500P Computerized Sewing Machine with PackageSINGER 14SH764CL Stylist Serger1254.0
Eversewn - Sparrow 20 Computerized Sewing MachineSINGER 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock1104.0
Janome Skyline S3 Computerized Sewing MachineJUKI, MO-50E, 3 or 4 Thread Serger1104.0

What Is A Serger Sewing Machine?

A serger/overlocking sewing machine can enclose and trim an edge or seam allowance in just a casual thread casing at the same action. First, determine the expected density and width for your projects. Then, start with the machine to complete your sewing job.

Structure of a serger sewing machine:

  • Blade: In a serger sewing machine, the blade is located right before the needles for stitching.
  • You can find a locked stitch in all serger sewing machines. A serger machine often uses 3-4 stitches while a normal one uses one only.
  • The necks: They are much shorter than that of the typical ones. It is such a plus point for faster stitching and the better balance of the power.

Why Should Beginners Choose A Serger Sewing Machine?

Before starting with the best sewing machine serger, beginners will surely be confused with plenty of different models from reliable manufacturers in the world. Many other things will intrigue you too. The best idea is to seek the experts’ advise.

So, why should we choose a serger sewing machine? That will never be a hard-solving question with our helpful pieces of information below.  Here are what we will be benefited with by a serger machine:

Easy to use

Since you are just new to sewing, you can work with a professional machine at first. That’s why a serger will be a great introducer to guide you well in sewing. They are quite simple and easy to operate. You can also understand how it works and easily enter other levels of sewing.

Reasonable price

A beginner will not want to invest too much in a start-up project. Therefore, at a reasonable price, a serger machine will still give you the expected outcome with just an inexpensive price.

Going for an expensive one does not mean that you will get what you want. It is important to balance well between the money you invested and the results you will have. Take it into consideration!

Fabric feed

Boost your interest in sewing with a serger machine! This product makes sewing funnier with ruffles and twists. Most serger sewing machine offers different fabric feeds. That’s why you will simply learn to create the most stylish edges with different kinds of fabrics.

More accessories

You may not know that most serger machines come with extra accessories for the best sewing moments. They come with the purchase of your new serger sewing machine. This way, you will save money on new sets of accessories. No need to buy more!

That means, with extra accessories, you will freely try out new and awesome stuff without a penny.  Get ready for more extra fun while learning with your brand new serger sewing machine!

Best Sewing Machine Serger Reviews of 2019

For serger sewing machines, users will experience the superior results across all projects and models with extra features. Here, we have enlisted top hottest serger sewing machine so that you can determine your perfect one on the list.

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread SergerWe will start this perfect list with a high-performance and reliable product on the market. It helps deliver an expert edge finish on different fabrics. Even when you put it to linens, knits or even your normal wear, you will always receive decorative edges like gathers and ruffles for an appealing finished project.

Moreover, the machine offers you the chance of being multi-tasking. You can sew narrow tops’ sleeves, join laces or sew spaghetti straps together. This convenient model is built with 22 separate stitch functions.

So, it will work wonders for all home decorating items, crafts, and bridal wears. The effective and smart built-in foot controller makes the machine quite easy to use. Just pick your favorite function up. And, you will finish the sewing quickly. It is just a matter of time.

The manual comes with a tutorial video and printed pamphlets. So,  you will learn to use the machine easily.

Singer Serger Sewing Machine: Modem ProFinish 14CG754

Singer ProFinish 14CG754 Serger 2-3-4 Thread Capability Overlock with Blind HemThe modern 4-3-2 thread capability offers customers a wide range of stitch options to select from. You will complete all types of projects with an over-expected result like a pro. Time and money will be saved effectively through seams and hems.

This model is top serger sewing machine to cover stitch. People will work with creative stitching selections and cool fabric combinations for the expanding creativity.

This model also comes with an easily adjustable width and length of stitches. Beginners will love awesome color-coded threading techniques along with awesome fabric feeds too. Also, the automatic fabric-trimming allows users to complete 1300 stitches per minute.

Moreover, the machine is quite easy to set up and carry along. The comfortable handle makes the model come in handy for us to use. If you are wondering if the machine is easy to install or not, we will say Yes. The manual instruction will provide you with the details of the usage and installation.

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 SergerLooking for Brother serger sewing machine? DZ1234 is a a super easy-to-use serger model! Just come and grab it right away! This sewing machine will ensure users with easy use and reliable results. The cool color-coded threading feature will make it easy for you to thread at ease and comfort.

Start your first projects with this amazing time and money saver! This impressive product comes with astounding features such as Piping foot, gathering foot, two sets of starter threads, and blind hem stitch foot. Therefore, you will receive a high-end finishing.

Work with approximately 1.300 different stitches per minute and separate fabric feed effectively! That is the remarkable feature of this model. Feel confident to sew light knitwear for your winter days right now with this handy model.

The stitch width can be changeable from 3.0 – 7.0 mm to fit your needs for your projects. Its free arm is far more ideal for continuous stitching or cylindrical fabrics’ paths. Just go for a collars or shirts’ sleeves without any worry! It will work great.

SINGER 14SH764CL Stylist Serger Portable Sewing Machine

This machine is deemed as one of the top highest-rated sewing machines in 2019. The 4-3-2 stitch functionality allows us to work with 6 different stitch types for the perfect finishes. Just choose your favorite type of stitches and start sewing right away.

Featuring different fabric feed, users will easily smoothen any fabric puckering and stretching. What sets the product apart is its awesome color-coded threading system. The adjustable stitch width and length also make the seam stronger.  You will always set the machine up effectively with this feature.

This model with its heavy metal body offers beginners the great chance to sew constantly without any skipping while the machine stays still. Let’s try it out with tons of impressive sewing projects now.

SINGER 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock Machine

SINGER 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock MachineGet ready for a wide array of finishing and stitches of this gorgeous model. Whatever you want for your projects, this machine will meet them all. And, the surprising results will certainly shock you at the end.

The updated color-coded technology helps you save a lot of valuable time while stitching through seams and hems. Combine different types of fabrics for a creative stitching option. This lightweight product can be installed easily.

The wide open threading and needle threader features make this highly appreciated. Even when your frayed and rough fabrics’ edges, they will be simply smoothened with the awesome fabric feeder.

Provided with the cutting width gauge, the product enables the users to make sure that they can sew and cut all fabrics evenly without any difficulty. You will satisfy your thirst for sewing with a fast and professional finishing. This powerful, durable, robust, and lightweight model will meet all of your requirements.

JUKI, MO-50E, 3 or 4 Thread Serger

JUKI, MO-50E, 3 or 4 Thread SergerIt is undoubtedly the best serger sewing machine for the money. Nothing else can offer you the remarkable characteristics at this class like this. The wonderful machine comes with top -of -the -line features including 3-thread overlock, 3-thread flatlock, 3-thread narrow overlock, 4-thread overlock, and many more.

Therefore, you will come with unbelievable stitching techniques once you’ve used this model. The fast lightning which can rise to 1.300 stitches per minute is the best point of this sewing machine.

If you purchase this one, you will feel great with the nice calibrated knife adjustment. It delivers you the chance to reach higher precision when cutting or sewing through fabrics. At this price range, this model may be the best one available.

Moreover, the great fabric feed will let you freely adjust stretchy and wrinkled fabrics with ease. At the same time, its awe-inspiring automated lower-loop threading makes the set-up more easily. Simply control the rolled hem with your fingertips.

Last but not least, you can also adjust the stitch width and length as lower or higher as expected. What else are you waiting for? Just make it yours now!

Final sayings,

Sewing is quite attractive to every creative person. We believe that we have provided all of you with the most helpful information about the buying guide for the best serger sewing machine. Particularly, newcomers to this sweet field, treat your thread and stitches well with the high-performance machine.

We do believe that you will decide your ultimate serger machine for desired outcomes thanks to our advice. In our opinion, the Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger is such a perfect choice for beginners.

The fast fabric trimming and color-thread ability will keep you learn the essential sewing techniques quickly for the best results of your projects. This model is also highly efficient and trusted. If you want to go for a nice finishing product, you may not want to miss this model.

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