Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Best Sewing Machine For BeginnersSometimes you love to sew something for your family, for example, handmade clothes for your kids.


You have to postpone your interest because you don’t know which sewing machine is fit for your demands.

If this is your PROBLEM, we will help you find the best sewing machine for beginners.

As a novice sewer, you don’t need to handle the machines that require more technicality. Of course, you don’t have to spend more money on your first one.


You should follow us to pick up the best one instantly.

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Best Sewing Machine for Beginners of 2019

We’ve listed the best beginner sewing machine with each various feature. With this table, you easily check the difference between them and then determine which one suits your demand most.

Let’s take a look, guys!

ImageNameTypeBuilt-in Stitch
Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting MachineBrother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting MachineComputerized60
Singer 7258 Sewing MachineSinger 7258 Sewing MachineComputerized100
Brother SE400 Combination Computerized SewingBrother SE400 Combination Computerized SewingComputerized67
SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing MachineSINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing MachineMechanical23
Janome 2212 Sewing MachineJanome 2212 Sewing MachineMechanical12
Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW ElectricBrother Project Runway CS5055PRW ElectricElectric50

How To Choose A Beginner Sewing Machine? Things To Consider Before

Before diving into detailed reviews of the best products above, we will discuss the main points that you should remember when buying a sewing machine.

Relying on that,

You won’t be confused about which model suits your needs.


The foremost thing is to know why you want to purchase a sewing machine.

If your principal purpose is to make clothes, make sure to check the machine that gives different buttonhole making and finishing options. A twin needle and various stitch lengths are necessary too.

Or in case you love to make home decoration, i.e. upholstery, curtain, cushions, etc., you should look for a reasonably heavy-duty sewing machine.


As mentioned above, there are three kinds of sewing machines including computerized, mechanical and electric.

The mechanical machines require you to do everything manually while the computerized ones are more advanced. The electric machines are the combination of computerized and mechanical ones.

Of course,

The computerized sewing machines are expensive; however, they come with futuristic and automatic features.

Number of stitches

Aside from the type, you need to check the number of built-in stitches that the sewing machine offers. Depending on the price and other features, some come with more stitches while some have less.


You should examine various kinds of stitches such as zig-zag, decorative, straight and so on.


The weight of the sewing machine is another vital point to consider.

As a beginner, you might carry your machine to your sewing place or somewhere else. Avoid buying the one that is heavyweight if it doesn’t come with promising features.


Last but not least, your BUDGET.

For the first sewing machine, we suggest that you shouldn’t spend too much money. It’s okay to buy a cheaper model if your budget is tight.


The best thing is to determine how much you can pay for the sewing machine.

How To Use A Sewing Machine for Beginners?

We know how difficult to use this machine right from the start.

However, don’t worry too much because this guide below will help you use the sewing machine basically. From there, you are able to start crafting your handmade items.

Step 1 – Thread a bobbin

  • First of all, you need to slide the thread onto the threaded spindle.
  • Then hold the thread on the spindle and pull out a bit of thread.
  • Continue pushing it through the thread holder.
  • Next put one end of the thread through the bobbin and cover the thread surrounding the little circle thing.
  • After that, slide the bobbin on the bobbin spindle.
  • Toss the switch that permits the foot pedal to put the thread on the bobbin.
  • After getting the desired amount of thread, press the foot pedal.
  • Finally, cut the thread.

Step 2 – Thread the sewing machine

  • Let’s slide the threaded bobbin into the bobbin holder.
  • Then close the cover.
  • Next drop the needle by turning the handle to have the bobbin thread with it.
  • After that, pull the bobbin thread to start sewing.

Step 3 – Time to get sewing

  • Firstly, you need to raise the presser foot and slide the cloth under it.
  • The next thing is to control the speed of the sewing machine with the foot pedal. And then feed the cloth under the presser foot.
  • The needle should be down in the cloth at the point where you want to turn a corner without finishing the thread.
  • Next raise the foot and spin the cloth to the new direction.
  • Lower the foot and continue sewing.
  • After that, complete securely by making some stitches back and forth over the line.
  • Lastly, raise the presser foot, pull out the cloth and snip the threads off.

Watch this video to get a better look!

6 Best Sewing Machine for Beginners Reviews

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

It can be said that the Brother CS6000i can satisfy almost everyone, both beginners and experienced sewers.

And for the money, it provides lots of great features than other machines.

With 60 built-in decorative stitches and the speed of over 850 stitches per minute, you are allowed to choose and adjust the length and width of the stitch easily.

Additionally, this machine gives 9 presser feet to help you deal with a huge range of projects as your skill develops. They include overcasting, buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, monogramming, walking, blind stitch, spring action, and button fitting.

The Brother CS6000i is equipped with an LCD screen so that you can customize any features with ease. Simply select your desired stitch by touch and view it without confusion.

What’s more,

This machine offers hardcover and detachable table for quilt makers. It even gives a hard-protective case when it’s not in use.


If you’re looking for a lightweight and innovative sewing machine, here is your best choice. It’s easy to use and compact. And when your skill grows, it still serves you well.

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Singer 7258 Sewing Machine

Singer 7258 Sewing MachineSimilar to the CS6000i, the Singer 7258 computerized sewing machine is ideal for both beginners and veterans.

So, what makes this machine outstanding?

It features 100 built-in stitches including decorative, basics, stretches, and automated buttonholes.

Although its maximum speed of stitches is 750, it still works well. Of course, you can control the speed depending on your preference.

This sewing machine also comes with automatic features such as an LCD screen and a self-threading needle option.

It even offers a see-thru bobbin that permits you to keep tabs on the thread quantity. Wonderfully, the bobbin winder can stop running automatically if the bobbin is entirely filled.

Is there anything else?

The Singer 7258 includes adjustable tension, adjustable presser foot pressure, and extra-high presser foot lifter for multiple layers and thicker cloth. And if you want to adjust the width and length of the stitch, just press a button on the machine.

However, NOTE that this machine only works in North America since it uses 110 volts.

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Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery MachineIf you need a multiple-purpose sewing machine for sewing and embroidering, the Brother SE400 is what you need.

This machine includes 67 built-in stitches, 70 decorative designs, 120 frame pattern combinations, and 5 lettering fonts.

With 4 x 4 embroidery area, you can easily label any shape or text. Moreover, its working space is illuminated by light.

It’s equipped with a backlit LCD touchscreen display as well. Relying on that, you can control any feature and view the tutorials among available functionalities.


You are able to update the machine by availing the built-in computer connectivity. It allows you to download updates as well as outsource designs. You even connect it to your laptop via a USB connection.

Of course,

This machine has an automatic needle threader and user-friendly bobbin preparation.

The only issue is all about its high price. However, it’s worth expanding your budget to get a good combination computerized sewing machine.

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SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing MachineWhat we extremely love the SINGER 4423 is that it can cope with all kinds of fabrics easily. Whether it’s 10 layers of curtains or leather or silk, this heavy-duty sewing machine can get the job done well.

Thanks to a powerful motor, the machine can crank out an awesome 1,100 stitches per minute, making it the quickest one for beginners.

In addition to that,

It comes with 4 different presser feet including all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, and zipper foot.

Although there is just a simple sewing machine with a few functions, it does offer a reliable stitch. It’s even engineered by a heavy-duty metallic frame, making it strong enough to deal with the workload.


In case you need more stitches, you should consider again because the SINGER 4423 only offers 23 ones. Also, it’s a bit heavy to move around and noisy while using.

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Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing MachineAside from two famous brands including Brother and Singer, Janome is popular for producing high-quality sewing machines.

And here is Janome 2212, which is a good basic machine for novice sewers.

It comes with a strong and sturdy exterior plastic and interior metal frame. It also includes 12 built-in stitches including straight, decorative, buttonhole, reverse, and zigzag. And you easily select the stitch options by using its selection dial.

Although some feel uncomfortable about the stitches, we think that beginners often use a few stitches.


This machine offers a high presser foot lift, giving the stitch length of 4mm and the width of 5mm. And thanks to the built-in reverse lever, you can lock your stitches with ease.

This sewing machine can sew through cotton, silk, knits, linen, polyester, and satin without any problems.

But avoid using it for leather, suede, fur, rubber or extra thick fabrics. Besides, availing it for quilting makes you meet some troubles because it doesn’t have an oversized table.

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Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing MachineIf you have a tight budget, try to consider the Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW because it has a low price as compared with other products in our list.

This is an electric sewing machine, and it’s lightweight and portable. That means you can bring it from room to room without any issues.

It boasts 50 built-in stitches with a wide range of decorative, quilts, and heirloom. It also offers a 5-one-step buttonhole style that is customarily sized to fit your buttons.

What’s more,

This sewing machine is equipped with the LCD screen display for viewing and choosing stitches with ease. It even informs the details of the width and length of the stitches.

And when it comes to the computerized or electric machine, you do not worry of the bobbin setup.

Thanks to an automatic needle threader and quick-set top bobbin, all you do is to push the thread into the needle’s eye. And the job is DONE correctly.

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What Is Your Last Choice?

Our list of the best beginner sewing machines is completed, guys.

Do you have any idea of which sewing machine you will buy at this point?

In our opinion,

The best pick is the Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine. It’s affordable, practical and adjustable with lots of great features for sewing and quilting. And it’s a good product for those who want to experience a computerized machine.

Or if you need the low-priced sewing machine, you can consider both Janome 2212 and Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW.

After all,

The final choice is YOURS.

Think carefully or reread all the reviews above and then ORDER the one you need most.

In case you want to know more about this topic, don’t mind leaving your comment in the box below. We’re always willing to support you.

Once again, thanks for reading!

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