Best Sewing Machine for Kids in 2023

Sewing Machine for Kids
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Some children find out their hobbies in the early years of their lives. If not, parents start looking for some activities to motivate kids’ creativity. One of those is sewing.

Sewing is useful for developing children’s personalities, but it also includes some potential threats if we do it wrong.

Thus, we gather here today the best sewing machines for kids. Bonus, we will show you from fundamental to detail features of a good one. Besides, you soon find out how to choose a suitable one for your children. If you need a Singer sewing machine, check here.

First, let’s see what’s on the market.


ImageNameWeight, lbsStitches
SINGER Simple 3232 PortableSINGER Simple 3232 Portable12.232
Janome 13512 Red Hello KittyJanome 13512 Red Hello Kitty1415
Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701Brother Sewing Machine, XM270112.627
SINGER Start 1304SINGER Start 130411.56
Meditool Lightweight Sewing MachineMeditool Lightweight Sewing Machine6.412
JEver Sewn Sparrow 30Ever Sewn Sparrow 3017310
Singer Talent 3323S Portable Sewing MachineSinger Talent 3323S Portable Sewing Machine16.4523
Janome Pink Sorbet Easy-to-Use Sewing MachineJanome Pink Sorbet Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine1215
Brother Sewing SM1738DBrother Sewing SM1738D13.217
SINGER Simple 3223RSINGER Simple 3223R12.223

Sewing Machine for Kids: A Detailed Review of the Best Models


SINGER Simple 3232 Portable

This SINGER 3232 is a portable sewing machine for children. This one weighs only 12.2 pounds so that children can take hold easily.

Kids will have loads of fun with 32 options for stitches. Even with those who have little experience with tailoring, they find it easy to use. The manufacturers of SINGER have built it with automatic threader and the reverse mode.

Besides the variety of sewing options, this one has medium speed, about 750 stitches in minutes. For beginners, it could be a bit fast but still in control.


Janome 13512 Red Hello Kitty

The first look at Janome 13512 red is a cute impression. It would be a perfect gift for little ladies.

The sewing machine provides 15 types of stitches. Your kids can even sew in heavy fabrics or multiple layers of cloth thanks for a solid aluminum frame.

To assist sewing, this sewing device also offers light during operation.

This Janome seems not only good for girls, but even mama can do some tailoring with it.


Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701

Brother is also a lightweight model which seems child-friendly to use. In total 27 stitches, children can have more fun with various options such as zigzag, decorative options, stretch ones. Working with that collection, they are far from boredom.

Besides, the machine comes with attached instructional DVD which children can learn from. This one is suitable for both beginners and experienced.


SINGER Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches

SINGER start 1304 is the perfect choice for children under 7 and beginners at sewing. It’s a budget saving option, but it’s not everything we based on.

This machine offers limited six stitches so children can get started without much confusion. It’s super lightweight and portable with only under 12 pounds. Thus, your daughter can bring this sewing machine to class or playing site.

Besides, the purchase includes some accessories for children to use this machine with convenience.


Meditool Lightweight Sewing Machine

Meditool is the lightest sewing machine in the list with only 6.4 pounds. Thus, even small children can take them anywhere.

This one can run on direct plug-in

electric or battery. We can see it’s a sewing machine for moving around.

It supplies with 12 stitches with various length, including zigzag styles. Those stitches are free for customization, don’t worry that your children have not enough space to be creative.


Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 Sewing Machine

Ever Sewn Sparrow is premium on the list. We would recommend it for children who show of deep interest with sewing. This type costs a fortune, but the pay is worth.

The Ever Sewn includes 310 stitches. Most of the options are decorative stitches so that children can maximize their creativity.

It’s also heavier than the rest, but the large table will catch your attention. The extension place help kids to have more space to so sewing.

The automatic thread cutter and needle threader will keep children away from the needle. For children, it’s a safety feature that not many sewing machines can offer.


Singer Talent 3323S Portable Sewing Machine

This SINGER Talent offers about 23 built-in stitches in the portable design.

The sturdy frame will gain credit about a heavy duty sewing machine for children. In fact, this machine can do it properly.

The product has bonuses in fashion accessories. The gifts are great to enhance the sewing machine and motivate children to bring about new ideas.

This machine has more feet attachment. This safety feature will save children from accidental pinched because of unbalancing.


Janome Pink Sorbet Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine

This eye-catching sewing machine is not only high in appearance but also the function. With 15 stitches, it provides enough spaces for fun and serious practice. For a sewing machine for children, it gives quite many customizable utilities such as reverse sewing, variable stitches, zigzag or you can even sew with the twin needle.


Brother Sewing SM1738D

This one is a good pick for beginner little sewist. It has Micky mouse for decoration so that many children will love it.

Children can pick up their favorite stitches from 17 options with the dial. Besides, they also have four choices for sewing feet.

We consider the range is doing great for children to have a blast with tailoring.


SINGER Simple 3223R

This Singer 3223R will catch your child’s attention at first sight. Its shade of pink is unique and unisex — such an excellent choice for both boys and girls.

With SINGER, this machine promises 23 built-in stitches options with the ability to cope with thick fabric. It seems SINGER has succeeded in making sewing fun and relaxed at the first stage.

You have a dial to choose stitches, too. It’s quite easy or all children.

Among ten products, Janome Pink Sorbet is our recommendation for all. Generally, this product works great for all regular chores. Children will have some more to create from 15 stitches and zigzag or twin needle. Besides, you can balance your budget. For children, this machine is showing suitability.

The market for sewing machines might drive you confused. Thus, you haven’t known where to start evaluation, here we go to the precise instruction of “how to choose.”



Before considering deeply in offerings, do you know how many types you are preparing for?

For either adults or children, sewing machines all come in popular categories: standard, serger, and embroidery. Each of them presents different skills that children can reach a certain age. Most sewing machines for children are not computerized because manufacturers want to keep it simple.

So, when to start with each type of sewing machines?

Have a standard sewing machine first. It’s the fundamental skill that the children need. A standard sewing machine can help kids do regular chores like making doll clothes, cushion or bags. No matter how experienced your children are with needlework, they will not get bored with a regular machine.

If they want to move on more challenging tasks, an embroidery sewing machine is a good idea. It takes time to control and create with embroidery even though the devices have available options. Working with more complicated models, children will soon find out their interest in sewing. Besides, embroidering motivate children to be creative. If your children become masters with chores, try them another challenge with embroidery sewing machines.

Still with regular tailoring, but if children want to elevate their product, a serger sewing machine solves the problem. Unlike standard ones, serger sewing machines include plentiful threads, and they make seams. Using serger asks for specific skills in thread management. Children might not maximize their initiatives as much as with embroidering work. However, this type is to master what they have.


When you define what kind of sewing machine you need, there are parallel details to consider.

When children should start sewing?


Because some children soon settle down their hobbies, but some haven’t yet. Usually, before going to primary school, or around 7, children are still vague about what they enjoy doing in free time. Even though the sewing machine is what they cried for, we cannot be sure how long the kids attach to it.

Therefore, at this age, choose a primary sewing machine with affordable price. Keep everything as simple as possible so that children can understand what they are doing.

After seven years old, children will be kind of certainty about what they want. At least, at this age, they are ready to invest time in their hobbies instead of looking around and watch for other’s fun. Besides, when children start going to school, they are more obedient. You will keep them safe and teach them more easily.


Do not buy a model of sewing machine. Even though you are buying for a kid, choose a tool that reflects the real work.

People will counter that toy sewing machines will be much safer. However, when they choose needlework, they should sew with a real functional machine that includes threats of accidents. By only doing so, they aware of the danger and pay attention to their safety.

Thus, you should expect the sewing machine contains functional stitches options, needle, engine, thread systems. For kids, there are not too many requirements about utilities and variety.


Safety must be the top priority when we choose sewing machines for little sewists.

Usually, threats come from pedals and needle while they run the sewing machines.

How to minimize the chances when children might get hurts?

Look for a child-friendly pedal. When kids activate pedals, their little feet can get pinched or hit. Besides, make sure that the distance of pedal fit the little feet. If they have difficulty reaching the part, they soon give up on sewing.

Some sewing machines for kids are automatic. We monitor them by on/off button. This feature eliminates all possible danger from pedals, but, remember to test the speed. You should ensure that the sewing is not too fast or too slow. Speed must be consistent because children are low to react with sudden change.

Next, speaking of needles, we cannot let them sew without needles. But we can minimize the possibility. We recommend choosing machines with the fixed feet attached to the floor. If children lose their balance, their hand is still in control. If sewing machine does not vibrate or move during operation, it’s rarely a chance the finger gets pinched.


If a sewing machine can fulfill all child-friendly features, let’s give yourself be harsh about appearance or design. For children, sewing is not as simple as a job but also a toy. It’s a perfect bonus if your sewing machine looks nice and have fun.


It’s good for children to sew when they are little. A suitable sewing machine will help children to develop their skills, determination, confidence, and self-awareness.

We should all agree that investing in a sewing machine is much better than a smartphone or tablets for children.

Choosing a safe and suitable one for kids and keep them interested with it are not simple. However, we can do that. By considering certain features and looking around for popular products, there are many choices.

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