Best Tower Fan Reviews of 2023

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How about some cool fresh air on a summer night in California?

Sure enough!

A tower can make a sunny day more bearable.

But a fan is not just about tormenting heat. The best tower fan is capable of circulating air in your room giving a pleasant breeze.

Not only that, but the fan should also have a price point that meets affordability.

Knowing that need, we’ve got a list compiled to show you the top tower fans available. These models came across our tests so that we can tell you our real-world experiences.

Don’t skip our comparison where you can find the right tower fan for your family as the warm days are coming.


Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan and Fresh Air IonizerHoneywell HYF290B Quietset 8-SpeedLasko High Velocity Blower Tower FanHolmes Oscillating Tower FanSeville Classics UltraSlimlineDyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan
Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan and Fresh Air IonizerHoneywell HYF290B Quietset 8-SpeedLasko High Velocity Blower Tower FanHolmes Oscillating Tower FanSeville Classics UltraSlimlineDyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan
3 quiet speeds8-speed tower fan3 Powerhouse SpeedsN/A4 ultra-quiet speed settings: High, Medium, Low, energy-saving “Eco” N/A
Weight: 14 lbsWeight: 9.5 lbsWeight: 9.5 lbsWeight: 5.7 lbsWeight: 10.7 lbsWeight: 9 lbs
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 42.5 inDimensions: 10.75 x 8.23 x 32.83 inDimensions: 5.7 x 7.2 x 30.9 inDimensions: 9.1 x 14.2 x 25.6 inDimensions: 11.15 x 11.6 x 40.1 inDimensions: 9.1 x 9.1 x 39.6 in

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Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan and Fresh Air Ionizer

For vintage avid, the fan is a plus score.

It is 42.5 inches tall features three quiet speeds in 90-degree oscillating. This is a wide range that can cover your living room or any room of medium size.

The fine-looking silver panel gives the fan an elegant appearance highlighting any spot it stands.

Additionally, the fan comes with a Fresh Air Ionizer mode that emits negative ions. These ions trap air pollutants to boost the quality of the air.

It includes a remote control that allows you to modify from afar.

The timer with variable hour-ranges helps cut down your bill cost in case you forgot to turn off the fan. It also helps if you don’t want to get up in the middle of your sleep.

Out of the box, you will need to attach the stand and fan. Though it won’t make such a big deal, you should assemble with care if you want it to stand firm on the floor.

With the convenient handle, you can move the unit around the room with ease.

It comes with a long power cord to connect to the far-reach electric outlet.

This product has one year warranty and qualifies safety standard of the USA.


  • Simple but elegant design
  • Tall frame delivers a wide range of vibes
  • Beautiful price point


  • Still produce noticeable chirping sounds

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Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

With the powerful 8-speed settings, you can set aside the heat of a sunny day.

Honeywell actually understands the waste of putting away the fan when the chill comes. That is why they introduced this all-year-round tower fan.

At the low setting, you will receive a mild blow to the cheek to circulate air when there is no presence of a cooling need.

What sells this fan is the contemporary design coated in full matte black. The control panel is of high-end concept with LED speed level indicator. This tower fan will match any style of home decoration.

You no longer have to deal with hard clicking button on many old-school fans that cost you pushes to switch mode.

The remote control even gives you a break from approaching the fan to power off. And with the timer, you need not turn off the fan manually.

On the Quiet Set controller, you can decide the noise level for when you’re asleep or chatting in the living room.

If you’re an absent-minded mama who has too many things to keep in mind, nest the remote control in the back of the fan; you will know where to find it for the nest use.

The Lighting selections can dim down leaving you a darker room wishing you a good night sleep.


  • Versatile settings
  • Convenient light dimming feature
  • Distribute a decent spread of vibes across the room
  • Hard-rubber feet save your wooden floor from scratches


  • The timer doesn’t include much options
  • More vibrating hums at high speed

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Lasko 4924 Space-Saving HVB Oscillating High Velocity Blower Tower Fan

This ELT listed fan with a widespread oscillation that can cool a large area.

Although the unit only rigs with 3 powerhouse speeds, the high-velocity blower fan is capable of giving a fresh breeze to a big room. The exceptional high speed is recommended any place that needs to cool with one fan.

With the directional louvers, the fan can direct the air up and down to cool the room evenly.

Being a tough guy in the streamlined body, this Lakso model is quite the fashion that most offices and big houses prefer.

But that’s not all. The Blue Plug Technology that can detect a potentially hazardous electrical fault when plugging in the power cord will cut off the electrical stream to the fan.

You can make use of this machine right out of the box as there is no assembly required. The Carry handle lets you bring the unit anywhere in one lift.

One minus you may want to consider is this fan doesn’t support many features like the timer or quiet mode. But it does come with a remote control hung in the back.


  • Powerful speed
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Can cover a large area


  • Noisy
  • Cost highly
  • Limited features

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Holmes HTF3110A-BTM 31inch Oscillating Tower Fan

For those who look for a real budget tower fan, Holmes provides an ultimate option.

As simple as a basic fan, this machine form Holmes comes with 3 speed settings and rotation to cover a wide area.

At 31-inch tall, the vertical air flow can spread up to circulate the air evenly in your room.

Its slimness has an appreciated lightweight you can carry from room to room.

The fan not only saves your bank account from expensive items but also from electric bills as it cuts down up to 60% energy used to operate the fan.

More concern to the power cost, the fan has an automatic timer that will turn off the fan every two hours. You can stop the worry about forgetting switching it off.

Not many fans has such a long warranty like this fan model. Holmes offers 3 years using this fan under the manufacturer’s coverage. Any malfunction or defect in term of factory’s false, you will get the unit fixed for free.


  • Reasonable cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Save energy


  • Relatively noisy
  • Plastic frame looks flimsy

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Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan

Want a true meaning of slender and sleek? Seville has something to show up.

The fan has a high-end appearance with the steel air intake grill combined with the black enclosure while mounting the control panel on top. This arrangement falls well into your access.

The grill has the shape to support the performance in which it can maximize the airflow and minimize air resistance. That means at all speed; the fan remains certain state of silence.

To distribute the air all over where it stands, the fan can oscillate 75 degrees alongside with powerful air movement guarantees the area a cool breeze at all time.

You will love the timer on this fan for it has a variable of time range from half an hour to 7.5 hours. Each adjustment costs 30 minutes.

Not only giving it a nice-looking outfit, but Seville also equips the fan with 4 speed settings working in ultra-low quietness. One of the modes is Eco energy-saving helps to reduce your electric cost.

It comes with an LCD remote control only available in exotic-priced tower fans. It runs on 2 AAA batteries.

At the price point, the fan appears to be affordable by all means. This is just the right tower fan for any family and small office use.


  • Sleek design
  • Functional timer
  • Ideal for small apartment
  • User-friendly control panel and remote


  • Plastic base can scratch the floor
  • Limited warranty

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Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

It does not just happen that this fan comes to our list. It did leave an exclusive impression that only Dyson home products can do.

Dyson has made use of the patented Air Multiplier technology on this model to generate a powerful stream of airflow without spinning any blade. That said, the fan is totally safe for kids and pets to play around.

The uninterrupted flow of air emitted to cool every direction. It has a respectable quite oscillation where you find no noise during the rotation. When it oscillates, the fan looks futuristic.

We bought the fan out of the admiration for its fantastic design that boasts any corner you place.

On the flip side, the fan does make a fair amount of noise sounds like a vacuum cleaner on number ten. The lower numbers are all bearable.

You can find only one button on the machine. That makes you rely on the remote anytime you need an adjustment. So, be careful not to lose it.

Assembling the machine is just a matter of snapping down the plastic. Maintenance also doesn’t demand much of effort. The plastic frame doesn’t catch too much dust, and you can wipe the dirt off with a cloth.


  • Safe for children and pets
  • Compact footprint
  • Lightweight


  • Produce a constant white noise background
  • On the expensive side
  • It stands wobbly

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A tower fan functions like any electric fan on the market.

The top reasons for these fans to be in favor of many people are the relief it provides in minimal noise, space consumption, and even electric bills.

In a medium-sized room, the fans are tested to use less electricity up to 60% compared to regular fans.

Despite the slim build, tower fans can actually cover a wide area thanks to the long vent allows more air circulation.

More than that, the fans look elegant in both home-environment and workplace. Its small footprint of the stand can stand snugly in any corner while the tall, thin frame let them tuck behind a piece of furniture to promote room aesthetic.

You can hardly find the fan much of disturbance in spite of it being at hard work.

Tower fans often come with more settings and remote control to make your life easier.

Those are just a few in a ton of benefits owning a tower fan. More are below.


In order to give you a wider span of cool vibes, a tower fan pulls and pushes air through its impeller blades housed in the cylinder.

It is the length of the slim tower that moves airs through a vertical shaft.

The inlet on the side casing gives ways for the air to travel out the vents.

Technology has brought bladeless tower fan with an impressive appearance in which you can find the outstanding function and safety in one unit.

The machine’s actual blades are hidden inside the pedestal stand.

They are nine asymmetrically-aligned blades capable of pulling in air to run the electric motor. When the blades get rotated, it pushes the air up through the ring.


Current technology has applied to the development of tower fans, deriving them in a few types.


This type is the most common fan model. The fan’s effectiveness and speed rely on the number of blades and oscillating speed.

In many versions, there may present multiple axial fans to increase air-blowing capacity.


Bladeless doesn’t mean it has no blade. The compartments don’t expose leaving a ring where the air is pushed from.

Air enters the machine through a valve then bumped to the tube where it emits through a round shape opening.

The notable bright side of this fan is the safety it offers to children and pets.

Otherwise, the type of fan still has some levels of noise like a bladed type.


The market may give you a hard time choosing one of the two options. But there are a few reasons why tower fans dominant your decision.

Tower fans tend to stand more stable than pedestal ones. The machine offers less noise when operating thanks to the plastic fan casing.

It is yet safer than any device that exposes the moving parts. That means children and pets can play around the unit, touching it with no fear of getting injured.

Maintenance for the fan is in a straightforward manner. There is no need for disassembling while you can just vacuum dust and debris.

Whereas the pedestal fans require you to take off the grille before dusting each blade. Unless you have time to enjoy this chore, you may not like it once dealing with the detaching hassle.


Not only an AC can perform better in the cooling job, a tower fan with a powerful airflow indeed drops some degrees in the room.

There are many places you can use the tower fans to cool off without throwing money to the air-conditioners.

  • Home
  • Apartment
  • Office
  • Studio
  • Dorm
  • Living area
  • RV

Several fan models are capable of giving a pleasant breeze to huge rooms like an office. Many use the machines with AC to spread the chill evenly around the room as tower fans are best at circulating air.


When picking the best cooling tower fan, we consider many aspects.

The fans may share alike characteristics, but they all got distinctions.

To save you from diving the market, here are some features that may help you choose the right fan for your place.


This is probably the utmost criteria you want to pay attention to.

A noisy fan doesn’t benefit much but distracts you from your current.

Noise from a fan can disturb your workflow where you need concentration.

By a TV, the rumbling motor can drown the sound.

Buying the best tower fan for bedroom, you don’t want to sleep by a noisy fan either. It bothers your sleep quality leading to many irritations. You should choose machines that provide sleep mode if you have trouble falling asleep.

You should pay attention to the quiet level the fan offers. Some models may not come with this feature. Those are only suitable for office where a lot of people roam around, talk and clank their coffee cups.

You can consider fans that produce white noise for your living. It should be large enough to wear away the sound, but don’t put it by the TV.


High-tech tower fans have more than mere cooling features. All of them let you adjust the speed depends on how cool you want.

Budget machines usually provide from 3 speed modes, while paying a bit more, you’ll get something of 7 to 9 speed settings.

More fan speeds are always better as they tend to be more versatile.

Different fan speeds fit more than one room in case you need to use the fan in a bigger sized room.

Some fans don’t set the modes in numbers but in describable purposes. For example: the sleep mode, calm, eco or white noise mode. It would be easier if you can choose from the exact situation you’re in.


Modern fans should bring aesthetics to your interior style.

Most models of tower fans are available in different color schemes. You should consider the ones that give a complement to your home’s décor.


You may not care, but the timer is a handy feature where you hate getting up to switch off the machine when it gets too cold.

If you use the fan for your children, it is best not to leave it on through the night. The constant flowing is not a good idea for the kid’s health. Also, leaving the fan overnight increases your energy bill.

The timer makes it more economical when you can manage the blowing time during the cool day. Letting the fan run all day long when not necessary is a waste.


Rotation directs air to the whole area. As in this feature, you want to pay attention to the oscillating pattern in which the fan can rotate from 45 to 90 degrees.

The best oscillating fan can push the air in a 90-degree radius give a wide spread to circulate the air more efficiently.

Many people rarely make use of louvers. This tiny add-on is able to navigate air up and down instead of a single direction.


Warranty is a must of the best rated tower fan. The least warranty should be for one year. Reputable brands many offer up to 3 years to showcase their confidence in the product.

The maximum warranty we have got was 5 years covering material and manufacturer defects. Holmes and Dyson typically provide from two years of warranties on their respective towel fans.


This point may be the decisive concern when you look at models of machines.

Fortunately, the best buy tower fan is relatively affordable.

There is a variety of price ranges you can choose from. A variety of fans fall from $30 to $100. Those come with versatile features enough to please your summer need.

If you don’t mind your wallet, a high-end tower fan from Dyson covers numerous outstanding features that you will never regret spending the money.


You see! Buying the best tower fans is a daunting task that may confuse any beginner.

We hope the post has given you a clue of what a tower fan and why is it right for you.

The list you’ve gone through includes all of our honored picks which we think will help you to pry your best tower fan out of the market without browsing too much option on the Internet.

Following our comprehensive guide, you should be able to select the right fan that falls neatly into your budget. Let us know the model you buy and share your experience.

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